Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)


Business process is one of those apparently simple yet actually quite difficult management concepts to nail down precisely. However, before launching any form of process improvement activity, we must be able to define what we are addressing.
Business Process Reengineering (BPR) refers to an attempt to improvise the operation of the business on a broad scale. The primary aim of BPR is to cut down process redundancies and enterprise costs. BPR is also known as process innovation as it attempts to remodel processes to eliminate unproductive layers.

    • BPR enables the company to increase effectiveness and thereby deliver higher quality products or services to the customer.
    • BPR enables the company to improve efficiency in the processes involved.
    • Cost saving can be achieved.
    • BPR provides more meaningful work to employees.
    • BPR enables a company to be more adaptable and flexible towards changes in the future.


How can we help you?

BPR proves to be a highly impactful and beneficial tool. However, companies should carefully consider certain factors for its success.

The following are the tools for BPR or SOP:

      • Customer and Process Focus
      • Visualization for End process and Benchmarking
      • Change Management
      • Business Process Mapping

BPR comprises of the following steps:

      • Define Objectives and Framework
      • Identify Customer Needs
      • Study the Existing Process (As Is Process)
      • Formulate a Redesign Business Plan (To Be Process)
      • Implement the Redesign

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